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Low Vision Doesn’t Need to Cause High Stress

Vision loss that can’t be corrected with surgery, contact lenses, or glasses is considered low vision. People with low vision aren’t blind. While they still have some remaining eyesight, they may struggle with visual tasks.

Your eye doctor can diagnose the cause of low vision and determine your options for dealing with it. Reduce low vision’s impact on your life by contacting us for help today.

Low Vision Explained

What Areas of Vision Can Low Vision Affect?

If you have low vision, you may notice that the following activities become more difficult:

  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Recognizing faces
  • Telling colors apart
  • Seeing screens on digital devices clearly

Several eye diseases and conditions can cause low vision, including:

How Can My Eye Doctor Help?

If you suspect you have low vision, the first step is to have an eye exam. As soon as we diagnose you with low vision and find out its cause, we can recommend a course of action to preserve or improve your remaining eyesight.

How Do Eye Doctors Test for Low Vision?

To find out if you have low vision, we’ll observe you as you perform several visual tasks. These can include:

  • Reading letters off a chart at various distances
  • Noticing objects at the fringes of your field of vision

We may also dilate your eyes and check for signs of eye diseases. Doing so can tell us where your low vision came from and help us understand what next steps can be taken.

Low vision typically cannot be treated, but your eye doctor can often help preserve the vision you still have. Our strategies for preserving your remaining eyesight will vary according to what we find during your eye exam.

Low vision aids may also help you perform specific tasks. These devices may include:

Don’t Let Low Vision Get You Down

Low vision can be challenging, but preserving the eyesight you have can provide you with peace of mind. Let the eye doctors at our practice help. Please contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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